Käthe Kollwitz Museum

In the museum, you meet the German artist Käthe Kollwitz, her son Peter and her work.

In the Käthe Kollwitz Museum you learn more about Peter. This young German World War I frontlinesoldier gets killed on the day of his arrival in Diksmuide. To process her grief, his mother Käthe makes two statues of mourning parents (Het Treurend Ouderpaar or The Mourning Set of Parents), a masterpiece which is now located on the German military cemetery of Vladslo.

Strong woman, mourning mother

Of course, a unique collection of art works of this expressionistic German artist can be found here as well. The museum does not merely highlight her as an artist, however, but also as a strong woman and (mourning) mother. The common thread throughout the exhibition is her charge against the fact that children are the main victims in the war.