House Proot

The former doctor's home Proot was in 2013 fully renovated, and today it has conference rooms and exhibition rooms of various sizes at its disposal.

This makes the house Proot highly suitable for meetings, conferences, seminars, various performances and exhibitions, but the story behind this house reveals so much more...

Doctor René Proot built his house in 1896, during the Belle Epoque era. This eclectic mansion accommodated, apart from a medical practice (waiting area and practice), also a coach house and horse stables. His son, doctor Etienne Proot, later furnished the coach house as his doctor's office.

Further, the house was occupied by the other son, doctor Edgard Proot, who passed away in 1996. After his death, the town took the first steps to have this valuable heritage protected as a monument. The entire domain (house, annex and garden) were purchased by the town in 1998 and was then immediately definitively protected as a monument.

House Proot is located in the Noordomstraat 2.


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