Experience tour 'The Ribbon'

As part of the theme year 'Landscapes | Feel Flanders Fields', Koekelare has developed a fantastic experience tour. 'The Ribbon' takes you along 10 locations, from the military cemetery in Vladslo to the Lange Max Museum.

At each location with a link to the First World War, there is an explanation board. More background, photos, songs, ... can be found in ErfgoedApp. The tour is signposted with yellow ribbons, referring to the song 'Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree'. In this song, a prisoner asks to tie a yellow ribbon in the tree if he is still welcome on his return. When he comes home, the tree is covered with yellow ribbons…

The route can be found on RouteYou under the name 'HET LINT_Landscapes Koekelare' or click here.

One of the highlights along the route will be the visualization of the German training ground in Koekelarebos, which has remained underground since the First World War. A must see! There will also be (temporary) works of art along the course.