The Swal

The Swal is a nature reserve right outside the centre of Koekelare.

This moist hay meadow is the property of the towns since 1992. The organisation for nature preservation of the 'Ruidenberg' is maintaining this unique piece of nature. The Swal is freely accessible and during the summer months, up to 400 orchids can be admired there.

The main entrance is located around the fork Swytswal and Eikendreef.

Open after reservation

The Käthe Kollwitz Museum and Fransmansmuseum are open (limited), but only after reservation (for the time being not on public holidays and weekends).

Currently, this can be done by telephone (0032 51 61 04 94) or by mail:

The tourist office is open during the week (not on Monday and Wednesday morning), but for now not on public holidays and weekends.