Koekelare forest

The Koekelare forest is a safe haven for quite a few plant and animal species that elsewhere in Flanders are dwindling.

Think of birds such as the European turtle dove, golden oriole and common redstart. Mushrooms also do very well here. With luck on his side, a good detective might discover the rare pholiota spumosa. A little pond adds an extra dose of life and provides quite some water fun for frogs and salamanders.

Additionally, Koekelare forest has a hiking trail of 4.5 kilometres and is freely accessible for hikers.

The Koekelare pine

The Koeklare pine is the best-known tree species in the forest. The leaflet on Koekelare forest with the hiking trail is available free of charge in the tourist office.

The entrance and the car park are located near the Litterveldstraat 10.