The Long Max Museum

For Word War I tourists, the Long Max Museum is a place not to be missed at the German side of the western front. A barnyard is the central point of the cultural-tourist location.

From the barnyard, a long alley takes you to the remains of the artillery platform of the former German canon 'Long Max'.

In a brand-new contemporary museum the visitor finds out everything about the giant canon that shot at Dunkirk during WWI.

Unique exposition behind the frontline

The German occupation in Koekelare during the First Word War also receives the necessary attention. A unique exhibition provides an image of the organisation behind the frontline. The production of goods for the front was operating at full capacity in Koekelare.

The bakery still contains traces of the German presence and is furnished as a multimedia room.

After your visit, you can relax on a cosy terrace. Do enjoy the Canon Beer and the freshly-baked pancakes.