Oosthof park

In 2000, the Oosthof park was made publicly available. A site with a rich history.

According to the local Archeological-Historical circle the Spaenhiers, the town of Koekelare originated here. Excavations have confirmed this.

In 1881-1882, the noble family Piers de Raveschoot built a castle on this site, which regrettably was demolished in 1948-1949.

Castle park

When constructing the Oosthofpark, the original design of the castle park was respected, admittedly with the inclusion of some Eastern elements, such as the sculpture 'Kinaree'.

The Oosthofpark is located between the Galgestraat and the Ringlaan.

Open after reservation

The K├Ąthe Kollwitz Museum and Fransmansmuseum are open (limited), but only after reservation (for the time being not on public holidays and weekends).

Currently, this can be done by telephone (0032 51 61 04 94) or by mail: cultuurentoerisme@koekelare.be

The tourist office is open during the week (not on Monday and Wednesday morning), but for now not on public holidays and weekends.